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Texas Blue Water Filtration

Texas Blue is a small family owned business based off of Potranco Rd. in San Antonio. In business for over 20 years, Texas Blue was seeking a solid refresh, looking for a flair of credibility. After a thorough analysis, our diagnosis for Texas Blue was to proceed with a logo rebrand, website refresh with improved SEO and keyword optimization, and solidify their branding voice and values.

Part 1: The Logo

In the realm of business communication, a professional logo stands as a pivotal symbol of a brand's identity and values. Seeking to resonate more deeply with Texas residents, we evolved the logo to embody this commitment, integrating a rising Texas star into the background for a familiar yet enhanced representation.

This transformation was complemented by revamping their mascot into a more scalable and approachable figure, ensuring the brand's image is not only memorable but also warmly relatable to its audience.

Texas Blue Water Filtration Old Logo
Texas Blue Water New Logo




Part 2: Signage & Assisting Graphics

Professional signage and flyers are crucial elements of a brand's visual language, embodying its values, ethos, and character. Consistently designed and well-crafted, these materials not only capture attention but also foster brand recognition and recall. By enhancing brand awareness and forging a strong, recognizable identity, they play a pivotal role in the marketplace.

Texas Blue Road Signage
Stationery Flyers
Water Filtration System
RO System
Portable Water Softener
Water Softener

Part 3: The Website

Revamping a website can revolutionize a company's digital presence. For our client, Desacco's expertise in website overhaul dramatically enhanced site flow, speed, and Google searchability. The strategic integration of targeted pay-per-click ads and engaging blogs has been pivotal in amplifying their online visibility.

This comprehensive approach has yielded tangible results, with the client experiencing a significant uptick in calls, a direct testament to the effectiveness of Desacco's PPC and organic search enhancements.

Website Before TXBlue



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